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Making suggestions










A. Match the sentences.

  1. Shall we go to the pub?
  2. Let's go to the cinema!
  3. Why don't we go ice-skating?
  4. I'd like to go sightseeing in Oxford. How about renting two bikes?
  5. What do you want to do?
  6. What about an ice-cream and a coke?
  •    a. I'd prefer to stay at home. There aren't any good films on at the moment.
  •    b. Good idea! But how do we get to the ice rink?
  •    c. Actually, I don't now! I can never make up my mind.
  •    d. It sounds great! I bet Martha is already there, sitting at her favourite table.
  •    e. It's up to you.
  •    f. Uhm, I'm not sure. I'd rather rent a car. It's hot today.


B. Complete the following dialogues.

1  a. _________ go to the circus!

    b. I'd ___________ not. I don't like the smell of animals.

2. a. _______________ go eating out this evening?

    b. I’m ______________. I’d _____________ to stay at home to watch a movie.

3. a. ______ don't ________ play football?

    b. ______________ idea!

4. a. _____________ going to the shopping centre?

    b. No, ___________, I can't. I have to work on a school project.

5. I'm bored and tired. _________________ going our for a coffee?

    b. I __________ sure.




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