Functions Likes and Dislikes
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English Made Easy - Functions

(A1) I like English very much! I also like French and I quite like German... I hate Maths! What about you?

Video lesson (English)

Video lesson (Italian)


Likes and Dislikes ppt


Fill in the gaps. Use words/phrases from the video lesson.

  • They’re _________ about jazz.
  • She loves listening to music.
  • I really like swimming.
  • we like her ___________.
  • You like school.
  • I _____________ like my teachers.
  • We don’t ______________ doing it.
  • They don’t like it ___________
  • I don’t like it
  • He doesn’t like it  __________
  • You __________ it / You can’t __________ hypocrisy.
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