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What are they like?

(Ramona): I love responsible and loyal people. This is probably because I’m a reliable person with a strong sense of duty.

(Georgiana): I’m a quiet, sincere girl… a bit conservative perhaps.

(Davide): Well, I think I’m a very kind and extrovert boy. My friends say that I’m a bit chatty and funny. I don’t like bossy or too determined people.

(Antoneta): I think I’m of a sunny disposition. I’m a reliable friend and a perfectionist.

(Emanuela): I think I’m hard-working and enthusiastic, but I’m also a bit fickle. I neither like noise nor discos.

(Stefan). I’m a very outgoing and cheerful boy. I like travelling and break away from monotony.


(Sonia) I’m a nice, tender and easy-going person. I don’t like overambitious or violent people.

(Matteo): I think I’m a kind-hearted boy. I love living in a friendly community.


(Ramona): I’m looking for a witty and generous boy.

(Georgiana): I’m looking for a strong, reliable and down-to-earth boy.

(Davide): I’m looking for a quiet, original and open-minded girl.

(Antoneta): I would like to meet a sensible, practical and insightful boy.

(Emanuela): I’m looking for an original, determined and outgoing boy.

(Stefan): My ideal partner is a go-getting and extrovert girl.

(Alex): My ideal girl is imaginative, artistic and intuitive.

(Sonia): I’m looking for a sweet and cheerful boy.

(Matteo): I’m looking for a nice, sensitive and passionate girl.
















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